Who is eligible?

In order to benefit from the Toul'Box support, you must meet the following criteria:  Being registered/hosted in one of the UT member institutions  Being on an incoming international mobility programme

If the pack is included in my registration fees, do I need to place an order?

No. When the time comes, your host institution will place the order for you. You will then receive an e-mail allowing you to activate your account. Finally, an operator will be assigned to you and they will contact you. If you create your account before your institution does so for you, you risk delaying the process. If you think there is an abnormally long delay, please contact your institution directly.

How do I place an individual order?

You need to create an account on the Toul'Box platform and then select the pack that suits you. Then enter your personal details and upload the necessary documents. Finally, once the payment has been made and the order has been finalised, your Toul'Box operator will contact you to start the process.

How does the payment process work?

When you place an order, it is only a pre-payment. This means that the money is blocked by your bank, but will only be captured once the services have been carried out and the order has been validated by the Toul'Box team. If the order is more than 2 months old, your initial order will be cancelled and you will be asked to place a new one so that the payment can be captured.

Is there a deadline for ordering?

Yes, you are required to place an order at least 6 weeks before your arrival date. If you decide to place an order less than one month before your arrival, all services cannot be guaranteed, especially during busy periods.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if the services have not yet been carried out. In this case, you can go directly go to your p