After placing an order, how does the accommodation search work?

If you have subscribed or your pack includes assistance in finding an accommodation, after placing your order you will receive an email from your Toul'Box operator to fill in a questionnaire concerning your accommodation criteria. Proposals corresponding to your answers and availability will then be sent to you. Reservations for accommodation can only be made one to two months before your arrival.

Is there a minimum budget required?

You should expect to pay around 550€/month for a studio and 500€ for a shared room. You may also need to add extra costs such as electricity, heating, WIFI... If you are eligible, you may be able to benefit from social aid (CAF) which will reduce the amount of your rent.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. However, many student residences do not accept students over the age of 30. For minors (under 18), a parental certificate will also be required.


Can I book my accommodation months in advance?

In Toulouse it is not possible to book your accommodation months in advance except in special cases. Indeed, tenants inform their agencies of their departure 1 month before the date. As a result, the Toul'Box team is not aware of availability months in advance.

How can I secure my accommodation during busy periods?

As it is impossible to book months in advance, if you wish to secure your accommodation during busy periods, you will have to pay from the date of availability, not the date of your arrival.

Can I get an accommodation certificate without having booked yet?

No. There can be no certificate if there is no accommodation.

Can Toul'Box provide me with an accommodation certificate?

The Toul'Box does not own accommodations and cannot issue these certificates. However, we can issue certificates of assistance in finding accommodation. Please note: these certificates are not always accepted by the authorities.

If I cancel my accommodation reservation, can I be reimbursed?

The first rent and the deposit are refunded. However, if you have finalised your reservation and paid the application and processing fees, these will not be reimbursed.

Is home insurance compulsory?

Yes, in France all tenants are required to have home insurance to cover them for the duration of their tenancy. Once you have received the details of your future accommodation, you can easily subscribe online. Your operator will be able to guide you.

Housing benefits (APL):

Can I apply before I arrive?

No. You must have moved into your accommodation. Your operator will help you with the application.

Can I receive the APL for the first month?

No. The first month is never taken into account. Furthermore, the application cannot be retroactive. This is why you have to apply as soon as you arrive.

If I find accommodation without the Toul'Box, am I entitled to the APL?

Yes, all accommodation that has been approved and declared is eligible for the APL.

Do I receive less APL if I am sharing accommodation?

Yes, because the CAF considers that the rent is lower in a shared accommodation.

If I move out, do I get to keep the APL?

If you change tenancy and the period between the two contracts does not exceed one month, you will continue to receive your payments. Otherwise, there will be a one-month waiting period. However, you will have to make a new application once you move into your new home.