What to do if I lose:

My residence permit?

If you are a foreigner and your residence permit has been stolen/lost, you must take different steps depending on whether it was stolen/lost in France or abroad. In all cases, you must report the theft/loss to a police station or gendarmerie, and you must apply for a duplicate of your residence permit, the cost of which varies according to the type and reference. The application is made on the ANEF website. There is a charge for this: 75€ for students, otherwise 225€. For more information: https://www.demarches.interieur.gouv.fr/particuliers/faire-etranger-cas…

My transport card?

You can go directly to a Tisséo agency and ask if it is in the lost property. If it is not, you will have to pay for a new transport card (9€), but your subscription will automatically be recharged on the new card.

What about my carte vitale?

You must make a declaration directly on your personal Ameli account. You can order a new one free of charge. My identity card/passport? If you are a foreigner and your identity document has been stolen, you must file a complaint with the local authorities and go to the embassy or consulate.

My bank card?

You must stop payment as soon as possible. Either on your application or via the customer service by phone. You can then contact your advisor to obtain explanations on how to order a new card.

My European Health Insurance card?

You must declare the loss/theft to your medical system, and order a new one. In the meantime, you can use the S1 form.