Social Security :

Can I register for the social security system before I arrive?

No. The registration is done online after your arrival and registration in your hosting institution.

Do I need to prepare any specific documents?

You will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate and a sworn translation. The translation can be done in your country of origin or in France. Your operator can give you a list of translators.

Do I have to register if I am European?

No. If you are European, you just need to bring your European Health Insurance Card. If you do not have it when you arrive, and you do not have your S1 form, you can join the French health system. However, if you are a doctoral student or a researcher and you receive a salary, you will have to register. Your operator will guide you through the procedures.

Is the complementary insurance (“mutuelle”) compulsory?

No. The mutuelle is not compulsory, it is a private insurance. However, it is highly recommended because it can cover the 30% of medical expenses that are not covered by the social security. Your operator can advise you.

Insurance :

Is travel insurance compulsory?

Yes. As long as you are not registered in your hosting institution you are not covered by the social security. You must therefore take out insurance for the first few days in France. If you are a researcher, registration for the social security system takes longer, so you should allow for a minimum of 2 months.

How do I take out civil liability insurance?

Civil liability insurance is included in your accommodation insurance. Therefore, as soon as you receive your rental agreement, you can take out accommodation insurance and thus liability insurance. Alternatively, you can take out insurance for civil liability only.