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Description of the Pack

In this package you will find everything you need to make your arrival a success:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Home Insurance
  • Personal public transportation card
  • and other services
For greater efficiency, most of these services are performed before arrival.

to provide :

  • Pièce d'identité / ID card, Passport
  • Photo d'identité / Identity Picture
  • Lettre d'acceptation à l'Université / carte d'étudiant / certificat de scolarité...Acceptance letter to the program

Les services

Help with home Insurance

Before signing a lease, you must have purchased home insurance.
You can use our dedicated subscription channel with our partner that will allow you to do this process easily and before your arrival to Toulouse:
You will pay the cost of home insurance directly to the provider.

Public transport travel pass - Pastel

In Toulouse, the Tisséo public transport network makes travelling around easy on the underground, bus and tram. The Toul'Box team will provide you with your Pastel travel pass when you come for your one-to-one appointment.
Before you subscribe to your own travel pass, we offer you:

  • Unlimited travel for one month (if you are aged under 26)
  • " Unlimited travel for one week (if you are aged over 26)
The cost of this service is included in the pack price.

Guided tour of Toulouse*

To help familiarise yourself with your new setting and the rich, varied heritage of the so-called "pink brick city", we offer guided tours in several languages.

*Subject to the number of participants.

Temporary residence procedures - Non-European citizens

As soon as you arrive, you need to report to the French Immigration and Integration Office (OFII).

The Toul'Box team helps you fill in the OFII Declaration Request form and sends your application so that the OFII can call you in to validate your long-stay visa - residence permit (known as VLS-TS in French).

One-to-one with the Toul'Box team

In the first few days following your arrival, you will be offered a one-to-one appointment with your Toul'Box adviser. This is the opportunity to review your situation. We will also give you your travel pass and other practical paperwork.

Take advantage of this chance to ask any outstanding questions!

Opening an electricity or gaz meter

Depending on your accommodation, you might need to open an energy meter. This is a mandatory process if you want to have electricity and/or gaz directly after entering your apartment. You can use our dedicated subscription channel with our partner that will allow you to do this process easily and before your arrival to Toulouse:

Opening a bank account

You will need to open a bank account in order to carry out all other administrative formalities. The Toul'Box team helps you get the process started before you arrive, and gives you access to our partner banks:

Once you have selected a bank that fits your needs, we arrange an appointment with a financial adviser who will help you open your account.

SIM Card

Benefit from a pre-paid SIM card with a French phone number, ready to be inserted into your mobile when you arrive.
It will then be up to you to recharge your SIM card.

Accommodation booking

Finding a place to stay is your main challenge!

Book accommodation for your entire stay in advance by opting for one of our partner residences and take advantage of our special rates. The Toul'Box team will send you our accommodation catalogue. It is then down to you to make your choice (furnished, unfurnished, flat-sharing, individual accommodation, etc.) and send us your list of preferences.
We take it from there! (Availability, booking, compiling your application, and so on)

You will pay the accommodation expenses directly to that service provider.

Help with formalities - Housing benefits (CAF)

In order to guarantee that everyone has access to housing, the French government set up a housing benefit system. Depending on the type of housing you require, your income and family situation, you may be eligible to apply for financial support to reduce the cost of your rent.
These benefits are managed by the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (French family allowance fund) (CAF).

The Toul'Box team helps you carry out the online application procedure.

Help with formalities - Deposits and Guarantees

Before agreeing to rent you accommodation and signing the lease, landlords will ask you for a deposit or enforceable guarantee.
If you do not know anyone in France who can act as guarantor, the Toul'Box team will guide you towards the Visale scheme (rental deposit for students) and help you with the related paperwork.

Individual support with the lessor

The Toul'Box team supports you throughout the entire booking process and remains your privileged interlocutor regarding your contacts with the lessor.

Price : €177.00